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CROSS+GENERATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL events have been held at St. James on the first Sunday of the month (October through May) since October of 2015.  This is a new Sunday school model  that we are testing out. So….what’s is all about? What is Cross Generational Sunday School? What is Cross Generational Worship?


The church is the only true Cross+Generational community available to most children in our society today. It is the only place where all six living generations are gathered together every week under the same roof. The wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child are precious and priceless gifts which are mutually beneficial. They belong together —at least some of the time. Yet, what do most churches do with these gifts on most Sunday mornings? We segregate and separate families from one another the moment they walk through the door. We send babies to the nursery, we dismiss children to the Sunday School unit, corral youth in the youth room, and aim our elders toward the coffee pot. As for parents who don’t want to be involved in their own children’s faith lives, we all but invite them to drop their little darlings off at the door and head to the coffee shop down the street for an hour of free baby-sitting.

If Sunday morning is prime time, if church is prime place, and if a true Cross+Gen community is a prime environment for the seeds of faith to be sown and grown, how much wiser would it be for us to design experiences that keep families together regularly on Sunday mornings? Rather than segregating the ages and stages — the wisdom and the wonder — why not create blended “eduworship” environments that gather families around the same Bible story or theme, equip them with Cross+Generational allies, and launch them out the door together for a week-long engagement with the text and the context, the Word and world?”

This excerpt is from the book “Let’s Kill Sunday School (before it kills the church)” by Dr. Rich Melheim & Friends, which was read by the faith formation team in the beginning of 2016.  At this point, St. James had already begun our first Sunday Cross-Gen classes which were very well attended. After many discussions: on this book, attendance and much more; we applied and were accepted into a  pilot program being run in the Southeastern PA synod.  A task force has begun meeting to plan and vision ways to grow in faith together.  We hope to engage the congregation in this project in many and varied ways.  St. James has been assigned several tasks in coordination with this pilot program. We are to hold two Cross-Gen events before Lent (task completed!) and to plan cross-gen worship and education events throughout the season of Lent (planning has begun!). Members of the task force will be attending an all day workshop with Dr. Melheim in March.


Watch for opportunities to engage with the congregation in these cross-gen events.  Want to learn more about this? Talk to members of the new Cross-Gen task force:

Pastor John

Vicky Richter

Connie Riedy

Jeanne Ring

Laurie Mobley

Viv Nichols

Lynda Fell

Diane Bloch   

Peggy Hvoreczny

Julie Hundley

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