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St. James Global Mission Scrip Program for Vision Alive

We are introducing a new program to help raise funds for Vision Alive, the orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya that St. James supports. For those of you who don’t know, the Vision Alive facility/building, has been forced to close by the government in order to protect the children from local violence. Most of the children attend Joyland boarding school, but whenever the school closes for midterm or holiday, the children can’t  return to the former Vision Alive site. For now, they are split up between a few     different locations which is not sustainable over time.

Our goal is to build a new orphanage building for Vision Alive in a safer location outside of town. In order to fund this project, we are using a program called Scrip. Scrip has helped over 30,000 organizations for over 20 years, including Pastor John’s previous church. Those organizations have generated over a half billion dollars in   rebates from over 700 retailers.

The premise of the Scrip program is simple - everyone buys groceries and gas along with many other regularly purchased items. By simply using a Scrip card, St James Global Mission will earn a rebate for every dollar you spend. The average family generates $400 a year in rebates with just groceries and gas, so it won’t take long  before the Scrip program will have a profound impact on our ability to support a new orphanage for Vision Alive. Most of the stores where we shop are on the list including, Giant, Weis, Speedway, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Wawa, CVS and Amazon, to name just a few. If you already earn gas points at Giant or Weis, that will not change.

Each Sunday, we will be in Narthex to answer questions and take your order for as little or as much as you want. Scrip card(s) will be ordered each week and then   available for pick-up the following Sunday. For those who are computer savvy, you can reload your card online or through a smart phone with instant access to funds. Once you have your card, you use it just like cash.

If you have any questions, please see Karen Mosebrook or call her at 610-966-9386.

Thank you in advance for participating in this exciting program for Vision Alive. With your support, you will have a direct impact on the children’s lives and well-being.

Your global mission team: Pastor John, Jayne Odessey, Laurie Mobley, Vivian Nichols, Pam Page, Chris Page, Naomi Yergey and Carol Hamm.




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